Why pursue a career with MAB/PAEC

Fees are very affordable and payable in Malawi kwacha. There is no foreign exchange involved. Easy communication as PAEC can easily be reached. Those within Blantyre may call in person at our offices as our staff is ready to serve you.

PAEC qualifications are recognized locally and internationally.

Theoretical and practical issues are covered in detail with no short cuts in diverse subjects giving candidates the strong background that leads to high success in examinations. The examinations are of high standard and are relevant to the Malawi an economic environment.

We set and administer examination twice a year in June and December. Examinations centers are in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba. To see the entry requirements for our specific programs just click next.

41 Responses so far.

  1. Keegan says:

    I really love this PAEC thing i mean its exams hard for a purpose

  2. MozyBeatz says:

    Best ever Malawian qualification that one would hold.

  3. Great!That’s the positive development we were waiting for.

  4. I want to assist govt in transparency and accountability in monetary fields

  5. Watson Msowoya says:

    I fill unhappy when people leave PAEC but u’ve to do upto the end of the road.Come persue paec & be accountant tomorrow

  6. 10t16663 says:

    with paec you are assured of being a good accountant in future, bravo!!!! Paec.

  7. 12T19368 says:

    paec shapen my brain and wash my mind paec forever

  8. Isaac Wanja says:

    Guyz paec is in my blood

  9. Isaac Wanja says:

    Guyz paec is in my blood c law and mgt help me to know how can i manager and run the company

  10. 12t19367 says:

    Men i lov ths

  11. 29T14472 says:

    ACCA exams are out! PAEC zikuvuta pati?

  12. Isaac Wanja says:

    Easy bra soon atuluka

  13. 12T19262 says:

    Hope u update this page first wit d results b4 postin em when they r out it takes longer when posted while its easy here to check em out so gud work by tha way on dis page. . . .

  14. Enock W Kamanga says:

    I love PAEC vry mch,u know y?,coz failure has nvr bin ma potion…

  15. Genesis liphali says:

    Koma ndiye mayeso akuchedwa kutuluka.

  16. 11T18604 says:

    I beleive i made a right choice persuing this course.

  17. Hendrix Chiku says:


  18. Amos phiri says:

    Paec u ask some tyms out of syllabus

  19. 12T20424 says:

    Is june 2013 exam out?

  20. newman says:

    i feel great to be part of this board…

  21. newman says:

    i feel it a dream come true with this board,,paec not what people were saying,i have realised it that they were just cheating us…paec.

  22. Maitano Kachiwaya says:

    Paec mmmmh

  23. joseph says:

    we are here for you

  24. 11T18280 says:

    Are the technician diploma results out?

  25. Malili Aggie says:


  26. 12T19262 says:

    ya did ya mad costin for us or the angels to right coz who ever made it sure didnt people to pass…..

  27. I was looking at some of your blog posts on this website and I conceive this website is real informative ! Continue putting up.

  28. 11T18280 says:

    i have logged in but cant access my results please help gilton

  29. 29T14185 says:

    Gilton mkumbwa tell us what’s happening we can log in but still can’t access the results,Help please,Time ain’t on our side

  30. 12T18864 says:

    Congrants to all who have completed paec diploma i am proud of u it is not joke

  31. Steve Seme says:

    I am who i am becouse of you my dream is a live
    Keep it up lov you

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